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Music Lessons At Uncle Bobs

Private lessons are available for all instruments and for all ages. Instructors at Uncle Bob's perform in the area's best bands and ensemble and are the most experienced and educated teachers in Milwaukee. Multiple lesson rooms equipped with pianos, drums, amps, music stands and anything else needed for a thorough, professional music lesson. Lessons currently available for Guitar, Piano, Drums/Percussion, Bass, and Voice.

Please contact the Instructors directly with either the phone number or email address listed in their contact info.

Bob Daniels - Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar

Bob's teaching style puts an emphasis on music theory and improvisation and includes banjo styles in chord melody, interoctive, single string, chromatic-melodic, and Scruggs style. Besides five string banjo Bob also teaches mandolin, tenor banjo, and guitar.Bob has been playing professionally and teaching professionally for over 30 years. He has toured throughout the south with various groups. Bob has played at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, in Broadway productions and on live radio. Bob has written many songs and instrumentals, one of which made it to #12 on the charts in Europe. In 1997 Bob was nominated for an international country music award in Nashville for the category of "Artistic Trailblazer." Bob has many recordings and albums to his credit. In 2007 American Made Banjo Co. issued Bob Daniels signature series banjo strings.


Email: neeterbee@yahoo.com

Phone: 414-425-6168

Dave Hughett - Drums

Dave's vast knowledge and experience is what you've been looking for in a drum/percussion teacher. His teaching style is based around proven systems, taught to him by old masters of the percussion world. This system supplies the tools that are universal in all styles of music.
Each area addressed is approached by breaking down and defining what to practice, how to practice it, and why you are practicing it.
Dave is also activity plays Vibes. (Solo & group) Teachers all mallet instruments, 2 & 4 mallets, chords, progressions, jazz theory, improvisation, classical repertoire, sticking theory plus more.
Music has those who play, them that teach and a select few who can do both. Dave is one that does both and does it well.
Studying with him, you will see results.

Email: rb@rbstix.com

Phone: 262-567-5697

Jim Kishline Bass Guitar

I have found that some students learn best through their eyes, some through their hands, and some learn best through their ears. I try, with each individual student, to identify his or her strong suit, and teach him or her what approach, I feel, is the real value of private instruction.
As a professional, my experience includes duet jazz, bop and straight ahead jazz groups, R&B, big band, pit orchestra vintage pop, jazz/pop/standard trio and quartet, blues, symphonic work, record creation, writing for strings and horns, songwriting, light classical writing, and arranging.
I’m familiar with the big band tradition, and schooled in Ellington, Basie, and Nestico, so I’ve had success with students from jazz and big band programs in school.”

Email: JLkisline@yahoo.com

Phone: 414-425-6168

Howard Perkins Piano Keyboards

I have been teaching piano and keyboards for over 30 years in the Milwaukee and Waukesha County areas, either at music stores or for independent music education companies that provide in-home lessons. I received my training from the Wisconsin College of Music, now called the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. I provide instruction in various genres of music for students of all ages from 5 years old and up. I also provide training for those who want to play in a combo settings.
Email: howardprkns@yahoo.com
Phone: 414-750-8109

Keith Watling - Guitar & Bass Guitar

I teach guitar being mindful of what my students want to learn and present to them guitar lessons that reflect that possibility. I tailor guitar lessons to fit that reality in a number of ways,
I teach kids a form of Suzuki method which is like the way we all learned how to speak. Guitar is the ultimate “ear” instrument, and seems to lend itself quite naturally to the Suzuki approach. It is much easier to master the technical complexities of the guitar if the stu
dent is able to focus on physical comfort, good posture, beautiful tone and musical expression without the distraction of decoding visual symbols.
For students who want to learn a specific style such as rock, blues, country or jazz I present them basic musical elements of those styles using existing tunes as projects to develop chords, melodies, time signatures, etc. to play in those styles of music.
I also teach traditional guitar lessons where emphasis is learning how to read music as it applies to the guitar. I use Hal leonard method books plus my own charts and written insights to play in styles that include rock, blues, jazz and country.
I also believe that learning the guitar should be an dynamic experience and above all fun.

Email: keith@keithwatling.com

Phone: 414-416-2300